IMS NJHS in the News

The Independence Middle School National Junior Honor Society was mentioned in the school district’s news loop for collecting over 2,000 books and donating them to Grove Park Elementary School.

You can read the article on the school district web site here.

Straight A’s for a Straight Smile Scholarship

Dr. Christopher West and Family Orthodontics are once again offering a free braces scholarship to an IMS student who earns straight As for the 2013-2014 school year.

Register for the scholarship NOW (through November 30, 2013) on the Family Orthodontics web site at

For a registrant to be considered, you must make an appointment with our office for a FREE consult.  Please contact the office at (561) 316-9419.

At the end of the school year, if your child has earned straight A’s, bring a copy of the report card to Family Orthodontics.

Straight A's for a Straight Smile Scholarship

Straight A’s for a Straight Smile Scholarship

All Volunteers Must Re-Register in VIPS Every Year


ALL volunteers must re-register in the VIPS computer every school year.

Effective this school year, the school district has changed the VIPS registration process so that when a volunteer registers at one school, once the volunteer is cleared by the system, that volunteer iscleared for all schools in the District.

To register at multiple schools, register in the VIPS computer at one school.  After a couple of weeks, go to another school at which you volunteer and sign in (and out) so “automatic linking” will be triggered, and you can be approved for field trips at the second school.

IMPORTANT: Please follow the process above because teachers can only choose APPROVED volunteers to chaperone field trips.  Teachers will not know the status of your registration/approval until you sign in at the their school (after re-registering).

  • Please be sure to sign in at all your schools; it is the only way for the school to know and document that you are cleared to go on field trips.
  • Please be sure to sign in when arriving to volunteer and print a name badge. Sign out when leaving.
  • Don’t forget to log all volunteer hours, especially those served off campus or oustide of the school day.

We understand that you can’t be here at school every day. However, please keep in mind that a couple of hours here and there makes such a difference. Please sign up to help when you can…

Yearbook Information

Information about this year’s yearbook was distributed with the first day of school packets and is also available on here on our How To… page for your convenience.

Order your yearbook online for $35.00 before the next price increase on October 21st!

Parents of 8th graders should be thinking about what baby picture of their student they want to submit.  Inclusion in the yearbook is FREE, but you must turn in a picture before the Winter Break on December 20th.

“Love notes” and business ads are also available.  See the Yearbook Information Handout for pricing and submission instructions.

For all yearbook questions, please contact Mrs. Hataway at

Agendas & Lanyards

IMS Administration is selling agendas and REQUIRED lanyards as a combination this year: $10 CASH ONLY.

Agendas and lanyards can be purchased at schedule pick up.

The lanyards are color-coded to the grade; they are REQUIRED.  Students are NOT allowed to wear their own choice of lanyard this year.

2013-2014 Bell Schedule

Start and end times for school this year are slightly later than last year, and the start/end times for all periods are different too.  Times posted here on Edline are:

IMS Bell 2013-2014 Schedule
First Bell/Lockers: 9:10-9:16
Period 1: 9:16- 10:11
Period 2: 10:15-11:10
Period 3/Lunch: 11:14-1:08
Period 4: 1:12- 2:07
Period 5: 2:11- 3:06
Period 6: 3:10-4:05

Staggered Dismissal
4:05 – First Round of Buses/Parent Pick-up
4:10 – Second Round of Buses/Walkers/Bikers