Teach Flu a Lesson


The Florida Department of Health Palm Beach County and Healthy Schools, LLC are partnering with IMS to provide pain-free nasal spray flu vaccinations to students on Tuesday, September 30. Permission slips must be returned to IMS front office by Friday, September 19, 2014 if you want your student to receive the nasal spray vaccine.

It’s Simple: Earn Money for Our School While You Shop!
Shoparoo is an app available on your smart phones, and iPads.  It is a VERY simple process, the school earns money by simply registering, snapping photos of your receipts from Publix, Winn Dixie, Walgreens, CVS, convenience stores (unfortunately, not fuel), Liquor Stores, etc…You will not be bombarded with e-mails and offers from Shoparoo’s clients.
Follow the link to register, and start snapping pictures of your receipts.  IMS will earn more money with the points we’ll receive…

Straight A’s for a Straight Smile Scholarship

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 Family Orthodontics – Dr. Christopher West

Thank you Dr. West for your continued support of our students and your generous donation towards our 1st quarter Honor Roll Breakfast.  Parents and students, please register for the Straight A’s For A Straight Smile Scholarship.

Dr. Christopher West and Family Orthodontics are once again offering a free braces scholarship to an IMS student who earns straight As for the 2014-2015 school year.

Register for the scholarship NOW (through January 31, 2015) on the Family Orthodontics web site at

For a registrant to be considered, you must make an appointment with Dr West’s office for a FREE consult.  Please contact the office at (561) 316-9419. At the end of the school year, if your child has earned straight A’s, bring a copy of the report card to Family Orthodontics.

Register for the scholarship on the Family Orthodontics web site Winners are announced in mid-June.

Straight A's for a Straight Smile Scholarship

Straight A’s for a Straight Smile Scholarship

All Volunteers Must Re-Register in VIPS Every Year


ALL volunteers must re-register in the VIPS computer every school year.

To register at multiple schools, register in the VIPS computer at one school.  Allow approximately 2+ weeks to be cleared. To activate your registration at another school, sign in (and out) so “automatic linking” will be triggered. At this point, you will be approved for field trips and volunteering at the second school.

IMPORTANT: Please follow the process above as teachers can only choose APPROVED volunteers to chaperone field trips.  Teachers will not know the status of your registration/approval until you sign in at the their school (after re-registering).

  • Please be sure to sign in at all of your schools; it is the only way for the school to know and document that you are cleared to go on field trips.
  • Please be sure to sign in when arriving to volunteer and print a name badge. Sign out when leaving.
  • Don’t forget to log all volunteer hours, especially those served off campus or oustide of the school day.

We understand that you can’t be here at school every day. However, please keep in mind that a couple of hours here and there makes such a difference. Please sign up to help when you can…

2014-2015 Bell Schedule

IMS Bell 2014-2015 Schedule
First Bell/Lockers: 9:10-9:16
Period 1: 9:16- 10:11
Period 2: 10:15-11:10
Period 3/Lunch: 11:14-1:08
Period 4: 1:12- 2:07
Period 5: 2:11- 3:06
Period 6: 3:10-4:05

Staggered Dismissal
4:05 – First Round of Buses/Parent Pick-up
4:10 – Second Round of Buses/Walkers/Bikers